Choosing Bathroom Colors – What Colors Suit Your Mood?

Because you spend less time in the bathroom than in other rooms of the house, you could say that bathroom colors are not that important. The colors of the room usually influence your mood, so they should express calmness or energy, depending on the type of room. In a bedroom, you would prefer relaxing colors, while in the living room or children’s room, more lively colors are usually preferred. But what about the bathroom? signilight plus

signilight plus

The bathroom is also a relaxation area of your house, so you could opt for calm colors that give you a feeling of peace. However, for some people, taking a bath or shower expresses energy and recharging one’s batteries, so they might go for warm, bold colors. signilight plus

When choosing bathroom colors, the first aspect to take into consideration is your personal preference. Another aspect, sometimes as important as the first, is the size of the room. If you own a small bathroom, which is often the case, choosing dark or bold color for the bathroom walls can offer a feeling of lack of space and crowding, so be careful with the colors you choose. If your bathroom is wide enough, you can choose dark colors, because it will give the room an intimate, cozy feeling. signilight plus

Find out what each color expresses to find the ones that suit your preferences and personality: signilight plus

Blue – The most popular of all bathroom colors is blue. Blue expresses relaxation, peace, calmness. It is also the color of the sky and sea, so it is a great option for bathrooms. Blue also offers a feeling of cleanliness, purity. For a bathroom with an oceanic theme, blue is the perfect choice. You can choose different shades, mimicking the countless shades of the sea, in order to create variety.

White – for a small bathroom, white is the best choice, because it widens the room, making it seem more spacious and better lit. White, just like blue, is a color that expresses purity, and offers the feeling of peace and quiet. Colorful accessories will transform a white bathroom from dull to elegant.

Green – freshness is best express by green. In a green bathroom, you will feel energetic, ready for a new day, new opportunities and projects. Turquoise green will make you think of the ocean and its vastness.

Orange – although most people choose cool colors for the bathroom walls, warm bathroom colors, like orange, are also great, because of the fun and pleasant image they create. In an orange bathroom, you will feel refreshed and in a good mood.

Red – Not an usual choice for bathroom walls, red is a powerful color that can transform a bathroom in a very intimate and warm place. For a romantic time in the bathroom, red is the most appropriate color to create  the proper atmosphere.

Use your creativity to transform the bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and fun. You can also combine different bathroom colors to create an original space that perfectly represents your complex personality.